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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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>> this facebook post has eagles fans chiming in and blood boiling. your news starts in 30 sglvt time is almost here in two days the trip to a super bowl is on the line where the eagles have not been in 1
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years and as if they needed another reason to prove they're not the under dogs nfl facebook post writing off the team. eagles' fans are fired up. now, fox 29 news at 10. >> we are less than 48 hours away. a match-up that has the whole kupty talking and the eagles just got a big boost. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney philadelphia is glowing tonight and the city lit up in green booming with excitement when the clock keepstic down. joanne is live at the linc with a facebook post attention and less begin with chris o'connell reporting from minnesota and chris, you've been there a few days now. you have worn out your welcome. >> reporter: i think they'll be escorting us to the city limits momentarily, dawn, all we had to do, once, we wanted
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to convert one minnesota vikings' fan to eagles' fan. we took our. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> we have eagles fans. >> but wait a second, wait a second. our trip was not complete without a visit from local police. >> let's see if we can cause some trouble. >> in our rented mini van and bunch of eagles' gear we made our presence known in viking country. >> on the road to victory. >> we wanted to find one minnesota fan we could possibly turn into an eagles' fan. >> you like the eagles? >> yeah. can i get a cup of dallas. >> we're lost, do you know the way to lincoln financial fiel field? [ laughter ] i have to ask you can i sing you a song, fly, eagles fly♪ on the road. >> strike isings fans, i have something for you. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!
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>> all the way. >> no luck here so we went to u.s. bank field the belly of the beast where we did find brave vikings' fans coming to philly this weekend for sunday's game. >> what have you heard about the philly coyd. >> something about they might put us in an old jail cell they have there there. >> they don't have it anymor anymore. >> no different than green bay. >> i think it's a little different than green bay. >> outside the vikings pro shop. >> who do you have on here? >> stefan digs. >> and he was the. >> minneapolis miracle man. >> and philadelphia failure this weekends. >> ohh. >> give me your best trash talk against the eagles. >> well, i don't know, paul is better than that than i am. >> what's your best trash talk paul against the eagle. >> trash talking in minneapolis, let's say the locals were not impressed. including the minnesota police
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the minneapolis sgloypt police asked for i.d.s and wanted to know what the heck we were doing here. we did not get arrested for trespassing but maybe we just did win over a new eagles' fan. >> best of luck eagles. that's the police here in minneapolis. well, listen, guys, don't think it's all going to be eagles' fans in lincoln financial field. we learn twod full charter planes of vikings fans with tickets will be headed out sunday. make sure you give them a nice philly welcome when they get there, dawn. >> we certainly will. try to get out of town safely chris, without causing more trouble. >> i'm going to try. i have eagles' fans here. >> that was amazing. >> we'll he soo you at 11, thanks. >> did you see the nfl jumped gun and posted promo on facebook looking for super bowl between viking and patriots. only problem surprised's game has not happened and eagles' fans are more riled up.
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let's goat joanne live at the linc with more on this one, joanne. >> hey, dawp, good evening, everyone, say it is not so. this is the facebook post that has eagles' fans fuming how did it happen? why did it happen? here's the reaction. >> you donate to united way and you could have a chance to score tickets to the patriots versus the vikings in the super bowl [ laughter ].
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>> no, you know what, you can delete that please, are they crazy. >> this is a screen shot of the controversial facebook post which features a con toast win superbowl tickets and shows the match one between the patriots and vikings wait, what. >> it has to be fake the eagles will be in the super bowl. >> what in the world were they thinking. >> bull. >> we're not putting effort into the cheering and screaming and shouting so somebody can put us out before it started. you'll win this weekend. >> eagles fans are counting down hours and minute until nfc championship game in philly and the under dogs so they've been called the facebook post from nfl, well,
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why? >> they say we are under dogs. we're top dogs. >> already have the strike vikings as winners give us a break. we worked hard to goat this point. why not let them have it. >> whatever the reason for the post, whether it was accident or something else, it may have given more status and bite to that under dog feeling. >> what do you think of the nfl putting that out. >> trying to mess everything up. up roar that's all. >> really, get people annie mccormick up roar. >> sdmb their job wrong and they're not giving eagles a chance. >> come on, eagles have all the chance in the world. the post is gone from the the nfl facebook page and of course as you saw it got quite a reaction from eagles' fans. those so-called under dog fans. they say they will win on sunday. published reports say the nfl created thee other proposal owes with all the possible super bowl matchups and none of them was scheduled to be posted on facebook until monday it was a mistake. we're live and we'll toss it back to the in the studio, dawn. >> joanne, thank you, it did cause a stivrment you can expect security to be stepped up all weekend long. philadelphia police say they have a plan in place for the match-up on surprised. as thousands and thousands of people head it our city. dave has the details. >> the same is set for nfc championship game at the linc and teams are ready to go and philadelphia police says they are, too. >> we'll have plenty officers on hand to cover hot spots and mobile if anything crops up. >> close to 75,000 fans set the to pack the linc and thousands more rooting on for
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victory over the vikings police will be manning polls manning known hot spots for trouble and restricting parking from south street to stadiums 2 p.m. sunday through 3 a.m. monday. >> no, we're not removing cars. >> septa and mobile two will be ready and they're expecting 18,000 to pack the broad street line going and coming from the big game. >> we're looking for potential for a problem and we'll address it when we see it. it's probably going to get wild if they win. if this lose it will be depressing. hopefully they do win. >> deputy wilson says experience from the big philly operations in 2008 taught police were trouble could arise and how to deal with it. we have to look at these events and how to prevent certain things from happening here. every expense is good for us. >> minnesota. >> timely he reassured
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minnesota vikings fans that they should come ready to enjoy the game and the police has their backs too. >> it's pour frayed worse than it is we have a lots of officers plain clothed and inside the stadium and outside in the parking lots. >> philadelphia police are asking residents to voluntarily remove from broad street. they insist they will not ticket or tow them come game day. fox 29 news. >> fox 29 is where you want to be all day long on sunday. cover begins 7 a.m. with mike and alex and whole "good day" game. game day live starts at 10 and fox 29 news is on at 4 before the pregame show at 6 and kickoff 6:30 right here on fo fox. >> happening right now in fish down neighbors are on edge after a massive sinkhole opens up. the 30 foot wide hole has taken a large chunk out of street and parts of sidewalk. it's forcing people out of
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their homes. our dave kinchen joins us live from fishtown, dave. >> reporter: well, dawn, that hole in the earth is in place right now with you coos working on it. even getting wet a little bit because they're still dealing with water in that hole. it's going to be a long, long night. >> it's probably not how these workers expected to spend their friday night camped out on the 2200 block
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of tagard and fishtown working a large sinkhole 30 feet by 30 feet in size. >> just a big gigantic hole, it hooked like a house could fit in it filled with water. >> maureen could toss a coin into the hole from her front step something that got swallowed up on neighbor's house. >> i felt bad for the people across the street. front step, everything is gone. they had to get out. >> philadelphia fire officials say six homes were evacuated and water shut off totten tire block as crews tried to get to 8" main that ruptured. >> ail heard was bang i thought it was car accident. >> when that broke my truck was parked right there, where the handicap poles are, and it took everything that they could think of so it would not fall in the big hole there. >> first priority will be cecing what is taking place and looking into the the washout that they're seeing how much further back it may have gone. >> neighbors worry the cavity could grow as they clear asphalt and debris to do investigation. >> it starts to fall in again and then it will be time to get out. >> mature and and those that can return home will try to get some sleep, try being key word. >> if they drill again then it may be a problem to sleep is,
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you know. of course them big lights. >> reporter: some neighbors say they got mixed messages from several agencies over whether they should in fact, evacuate. some people back home now and others not able to go home. we understand no injuries were reported, back to you. >> thank you, dave. >> a family wants answers their precious daughter killed after the car she was in took a dive into the oosy delaware river. and not a bad weekend sdot play football. >> those temperatures warming up high today 46. what about kickoff weather. kristin over to you. >> we are two sleeps away from the great emperor penguin migration. trekking a hundred miles inland
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>> tape will determine whether or not federal government will shut down. law makers in fighting over a budget deal and it comes down to the senate which does not have the votes to trike a deal
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if the government shuts down 8,000 federal workers will be shut down. >> it's a problem all over the country group of people breaking into cars and stea stealing purses and other valuables. now local police say this group known as felony lane gang is targeting our area again. some their prime target gyms, schools and even day cares. communities in delaware county noticed a great deal of breaks in. harple police say they hit a few years back and police are issue you ewing a warning to be on the lookout. >> they'll spend their day stealing from cars and coming back tots hotel one or two nights and boom on ton another state. >> that's not very bright you know. somebody can fwleek your car and i have a lot of friends that leave stuff in the car and they break the window and take stuff. >> new jersey community have been hit by felony lane gang. police suggest you leave nothing of valued in your locked car. >> former jersey shore star
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sorrentino pled guilty to taxi vacation. he concealed his income in 2 2011. they were charged 2014 and filing bogus tax returns. his brother made guilty sentencing is set for april. taking a live look now over the ben franklin parkway. this weekend is jammed packed with event. women's march tomorrow and eagles vikings match-up sunda sunday. meteorologist scott williams has your temperatures in 15 second. high temperatures today made to mid 40s whaep about the upcoming weekend a lot taking place and of course, all eyes on sunday. high temperatures for saturday will be 53 degrees and then 52 the afternoon high on
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surprised and i think temperatures will fall back to 40s by kickoff. as we look at temperatures right now it's chilly. we have 31 in pottstown and upper 30s philadelphia and 26 degrees right now in mil millville. and dover checking in at 34 degrees. so, in the city i'm going for a low temperature right around 31. mostly clear and definitely not as harsh and look at temperatures well above average for tomorrow mostly sunny and 53. those wind willing out of the west southwest 10 to 15 miles an hour and that's warming wi win. so what about the parties the celebrations and look at sunday. the weather. pretty good. maybe a backyard barbeque fire up the grill in january thaw. look at that temperatures in the afternoon will number the low 50s. partly sunny skies. ultimate doppler now we're dr dry. we'll stay that way at least through early next week. as we time things out monday
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overnight into tuesday looking for a system that brings a half inch of rainfall across the area and no rain expected sunday. we're looking at comfortable temperatures once again in the low 50s for tailgate by kickoff looking at 46. mostly cloudy. towards end of game still mostly cloudy. temperatures will drop into the low 40s. that's actually above average for the high temperature this time of year. sunny and pleasant. low 50s saturday. and 52 average high temperature sunday and clouds thickening and then it hooks like late monday afternoon into the evening we're watching out for some of that rain moving in and tapers off on tuesday in the the afternoon and then temperatures mid 40s again by wednesday. and 40 degrees next thursday and so a little chilly and then temperatures by next friday right around 45 degree degrees. we have four days with temperatures dawn, well above average into the 50s. enjoy. >> sounds pretty good to me. thank you.
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victim's mom wants closure in this terrible tragedy. the victim's boyfriend is the one that drove off the road into the the delaware river and he has been charged in connection with the bomb's death. let's goat shawnet wilson live new purr ling ton sipty. >> it is a sad and chilling scene. barriers are up where the car went into the river and the river covered in chunks of ice. this is haunting reminder for this girl's mother who lives across the street from the river where it happened. >> i'm trying to be so strong here. >> ina white is in shock over the loss of her 23-year-old daughter stephanie the two were inseparable. >> she was my best friend. by best friend. >> her daughter loved fashion and was a hard worker. >> she had a beautiful heart. she had a good heart. >> but last surprised stephanie lost her life in the icy delaware river when the car she was riding with her boyfriend went offer riverbank
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road near wood street burlington sipty. 24-year-old jacob garrett as driving at high rate of speed when hit parked mipy van before crashing near the river wall he took off running and asked witnesses to help the girlfriend. >> extremely hurt, confused. i don't understand. >> garrett got on a train tractor-trailer the burlington center north light rail and captured at another stop after k-9 tracked him. >> my whole body got numb. and i think i'm still pretty numb from it. >> white says her daughter and garrett were dating for a year and she thought of him as her son. >> minutes away from where she live at in the the freezing cold water. you just left her there. >> ro se lle white is receive any's aunt. >> we put 100% faith in that department. we were glad they could catch him right away. >> closure is a long way off. >> i cannot call for her. you know what i mean? i cannot sit with her and
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watch a movie with her or have those laughs. >> and tonight the family is pleading for help coming up with money to bury stephanie which has to be zone by next week. go to to find out how to donate and help this grieving mother if you can. dawn. shawnette so sad, thank you. kristin rogers in the house now talking about the eagles, of course. >> what else would i be talking about. we keep talking about the battle of backup quarterbacks this week and really both guys have proven themselves to be more than just the label an a look back at why nick foles is no stranger to big game look back at why nick foles is no stranger to big game scenarios, next
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e-rive g, eagles! >> that gets me every single time. i'm sorry. nick foles has his fair share of big games ergs eagles as you heard there i think people forget that fact because people seem surprised to hear nick foles sl cool as a cue coupler this week. he was not shook in the huddle against atlanta and even high stakes of nfc championship game doesn't look like he'll
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be shook now. >> i feel good. calm, when you're in the moment i am in the the moment and prepare in the home and do everything i can at this moment app the rest case takes care of itself. that keeps me level. >> fox nfl analyst troy ache man has been at the stage plenty of times. i had the chance to catch up with him and he told me the friday before the championship best day and everything is still right in front of you. >> it's biggest game obviously because one game away from super bowl and when these players tate the field for those that never played in championship game it has a different aarr ato it and you know this stadium as good as it was last week it will be even better for this one. these fans recognize what's before them. >> philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. but it's going to be the city of brotherly rivalry on sunday. eagles linebacker mychal kendricks has a brother eric that plays linebacker for minnesota and the love is lost
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between these two guys this week. >> it's unreal. it's still -- i tried not to think about it you know? just because it's -- i mean i lived in a room with this kid for 17 years you know what i mean? and we've pretty much lived the same lives on opposite sides of our state. >> i always make jobs i feel like my brother gets advantage as far as the family roots for because he's first born. but you know, it's all love though. >> we you have covered all day on sunday. "good day philadelphia" at 7, fox 29 game day live. fox 29 news at 4, fox pregame at 6. and, of course, kickoff at 6:40. two short sleeps away to figure out which kendrick brother comes out on top if it's mychal kendricks or eric and the family is sitting on the eagles' side 245z where they got the tickets.
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no word if they'll do half purple half green situation. >> someone in the family is going to the super bowl. >> one of those kendrick brothers is going tots super bowl. >> it would be tough sitting on eagles side if somebody has purple on. lot of folks talking about the game. seven hart philadelphia native comedian is one of them. >> is philly going to beat minnesota this weekend. >> say again why wow ask that question it's common sense answer with yes he with a double yes storm tracker 6 live double scan storm tracker 6 live double scan storm tracker 6 live double scan yes. >> i think he's confident double, double, double, double, double, double, yes. >> and let's stick around for the chase on the championship and don't forget the mega millions lottery drawing is here at 11. we'll se
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no one thought philadelphia would get here through injury and energy they persevered. welcome to fox 29 news the chase for the championship. i'm kristin rogers you can feel it? we're two days away from biggest game for eagles in almost a decade. where does this range for doug pederson as he looks to within a conference championship just year two. >> jus from the standpoint of the amount of players we lost and amount of starters we lost this season, that's why it makes it such a special team


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